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For Rent Kshs32,000.00 Per Double Room Per Night - Cottage


Nestled in the serene Malili area, this exquisite boutique country home is only 80KM from the capital city, Nairobi. Since its handover to the current owners, the Kilima Kiu Manor has undergone significant transformation from a regular ranch house to a fantastic getaway. We have taken time to develop exemplary hospitality standards in the hope that you will find your stay with us both relaxing and memorable.

From bubbly champagne breakfasts to delicately customised dinners – we promise nothing but the best for that discerning traveller.

Set on the foot of Kilima Kiu Hill, (meaning ‘that hill’, sometimes ‘black hill’), one and a half hours’ drive from Nairobi, is this lovely boutique country home that belonged to a famous rancher, Sir Frank Joyce, who arrived in Kenya 1911.

The ranch grounds have lived since then and with every new owner a breath of fresh air and activity is infused. From ostrich rearing to cattle ranching and even dairy farming, this manor has been home to clotted cream, raspberry jam and warm scones.



Ksh. 32,000 for a double room


  • Lunch, accommodation, dinner & breakfast
  • Three course fine dining menu with vegetarian options
  • 4 o’clock Devonshire Tea, warm scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam
  • Soft drinks (Alcoholic drinks charged separately by the order)
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Guided nature walk
  • Dairy farm tour


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