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For Short Lets Kshs17,000.00 Per Person Per Night - Tented Camp

The surrounding Samburu National Reserve is an area of spectacular scenery; its dry plains bisected by the meandering river, with the backdrop of Africa’s dramatic mountains, including Mt Kenya.

The 12 spacious tents have rustic and colourful African touches, offering all the comforts; including a private plunge pool on the deck, hot and cold running water, electricity and complimentary herbal shower and bath products.

The lounge and dining area is decorated with vibrant safari style, its soft intimate lighting assuring that this is the ultimate place to relax in between exciting game drives. Elephant, Monkeys, Impalas are amongst the camp’s many regular wild visitors, whilst Samburu National Reserve has a good number of lions and leopards and offers the opportunity to see many species endemic to northern Kenya.

Rates are from Ksh. 17,000 per person on full board

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