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For Short Lets Kshs5,000.00 Per Double On Self Catering - Tented Camp

Ever heard of glamping? It’s a new trend around the world – Glamarous Camping. Camp without the hustle of pitching tents, gathering firewood and all that ?

Sieku is located in Laikipia. Kenya’s only proper glamping experience. Luxurious, wholesome glamping in bell tents and tipis – all with special touches and at affordable rates. We are next to the most breath-taking views, forests, wildlife walks, horse riding and natural swimming pools. Off-grid but with power. Self-catering, hire-in chefs and all-inclusive rates available. Self-catering with ease in a proper kitchen!

Enjoy this hidden gem in Laikipia on weekdays at Ksh. 5,000/$50 per double on self-catering and Ksh. 14,000/$140 per double on full board.

On weekends, Ksh. 6,000/$60 per double on self-catering and Ksh. 16,000/$160 per double on full board.

Festive season, Ksh. 7,000/$70 per double on self-catering and Ksh. 18,000/$180 per double on full board.

30% of funds invested in tree planting. Prices per double tent per night. Max 12-14 people. MIN. 6 GUESTS/2 NIGHTS @ W’KENDS/HOLIDAYS/PEAK SEASON.


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